Tradition is a beauty that should be preserved, not a chain that binds us. Some very important traditions simply fit the place and cannot be easily transplanted. They are precious goods, which once lost, are very difficult to restore. Although relatively young and progress oriented, from the very beginning, Orlić Family Winery set the preservation of the tradition of the Gudurica story as an absolute imperative. Cultivating that respect and care, we have managed to maintain and improve a drink of exceptional quality. Made according to the recipe of the natives of the Gudurica Valley, the brandy Rozga (Church Slavonic for vine), also known as “grappa” (grape brandy) in medieval history, is produced in this winery from the highest quality berries of two distinctive grape varieties. Muscat Ottonel and Muscat Hamburg make up the essence of this premium drink, and the secret of its incredible taste and quality lies in the dedicated time and extremely devoted and patient way of obtaining unique properties. Guided by the saying that good things are worth the wait, the maturation process of this brandy was not accelerated, but given five years, making Rozga an indispensable addition to our offer today.

True tradition is not a testimony of what once was, but a living force that moves and complements the present. This power can be felt right from the first sip of our unforgettable Rozga.

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