Exploring the boons of the Gudurica vineyard, we sought its finest fruits and crossed two of our favorite white grape varieties, thus creating the essence of the birth of a new era of our winery. Inspired by the renaissance and aware of the new possibilities, we gifted Osvit to Gudurica Story. Adorned with a specific taste, unique in each bottle, Osvit is the first among the brands of our winery, and that is why it got such a name – it symbolizes the awakening and the new beginning of the Orlić Family Winery. It can be consumed as an aperitif, with cheese, ham, turkey flatbread, and of course, for those with a sweet tooth, we serve it with a homemade poppy seed strudel. Sauvignon Blanc gave Osvit a note of nobility and seriousness, and Muscat Ottonel gave it freedom in nose and elegance.

720 рсд


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