Orlić Family Winery

About Us

The mysteries hidden by the vineyards and vines, untouched and wild, wander through nature and never cease to amaze us, until they settle in a set of skillful hands which they selected. Finding harmony and uniqueness where others do not see it is precisely the skill of the rare. That is why it is not surprising that the secrets of the “Orlić Family Winery” found their home at the very gates of the Carpathians, at the foot of the Vršac mountains, in the eyes of those who recognized the importance of care and preservation of the abundance that this wine landscape brings with it.

The timelessness and richness of these landscapes attracted and captivated many. Even as a child, a famous painter – Robert Hammersteel, whose lineage was rooted in the very soil of Gudurica – the birthplace of his mother, could enjoy the splendor of this valley, Traces of the unbreakable connection between the famous Austrian painter and the Banat gorge are preserved in a museum located not far from the winery. The fact that the price of wine in Europe used to be determined based on the price of wine in Gudurica testifies to the power and influence of the wine nectar from this area.

The story of this valley gets its twist and a new beginning in 2021, with the investment of capital and energy in the famous building and cellar “Gudurička priča” by the Orlić family. The leadership, along with the process of renewing the production of the winery is taken over by a team of young people and experienced oenologists whose priority from the day one was the preservation and improvement of the already existing wine tradition. Since then, the “Guardians of the Wine Tradition” have been putting their knowledge, work and dedication to the great desire to make Gudurica vineyard an indispensable point on the wine map of Europe, but also to continue to improve the production of top quality wines.

The new driving energy and the professional experience of the people, hand in hand, created a fruitful link between modern equipment and the decades-long culture of wine and brandy production. The cellar of “Orlić Family Winery” today has a capacity of 60,000 liters, as well as 10 hectares of vineyards that are under active cultivation.